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Matriarchy in pre-Christian times
(Prehistory / Ancient world)

Visionaries tell:

From the book:
Barbara Marciniak - Earth - Pleadian Keys to the Living Library:

"There came a time within the goddess realm when there was a tremendous abuse of the male vibration. Women, influenced by outside sources, lost their honoring and partnership with men, and their sense of unity between man and woman. After a while, within the realm of the goddess, men became nothing more than a stud service. Women got so lost in the Goddess power that the men were not considered equal. Men were considered to be objects to bring about the rights of fertility. Many men were killed after one-time fertility rituals with representatives of the local Goddess. Castration and other sacrifices were performed. It is true. Women misused the sexual energy of men, creating the current backlash... The goddess energy was infused at one time with a tremendous negative force and became distorted in its purpose. This was in pre-Christian times. Then, the pendulum swung the other way, so that when the male vibrations began to play their role, they acted out with vehemence in response to what some of the females had done. Your memories are stored in your cells and blood..."

other source:

From the book:
The Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe (healing series):

"In the last stage of this history, men clearly played the role of perpetrator and oppressor. But it was not always so. There have been times in which the woman was much more powerful in the public as well as the private domain of life. She oppressed the male energy as well in cruel and sadistic ways.

Woman is not naturally the oppressed or subdued sex, you know, nor is she by definition the most loving sex. Your stereotypes of women as sweet but powerless and of men as tough but insensitive say more about the last phase of the above mentioned history than about men and women as such.

matriarchy There have been times predating written history in which matriarchal societies were regarded as standard. In those times women also used their energies in a destructive way, being disrespectful of the individual life force and creativity in each human being. There was a time when women had power over men. Women controlled and manipulated men by using the powers of emotion and intuition that they have a natural affinity with. They also used their psychic abilities to control men. For example there were sacrifices and rituals where men were tortured and killed.

I want to stress for your official history that this aspect draws a one sided picture of the relation between men and women. The oppression of woman by man has been evident for the whole period covered by your written history. But the grudge and hatred that men have displayed (and may still display) against women has not come from nothing. In addition to the cultural traditions and habits that influence them, there are also deep emotional wounds in the collective male soul that stem from a much older era. ...

Within the collective male, soul hatred and resentment had arisen because of this ancient history. This has come out in oppression of the female energy...

Male sexuality was at that time considered to be an instrument for procreation without respect for the feeling side of men and the emotional ties between a father and his children. Often children were raised by the mother in separation from the father and hardly any attention was paid to what the father thought and wanted. Important values were passed on through the mother figure and the inferiority of men was one such value. Man was a workhorse rather than an equal partner." ... Click To Read More